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ahs_graphics's Journal

American Horror Story Graphics
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All About Us.The Guidelines.How to Post.
Welcome to the first graphics community for American Horror Story! The goal here is to provide a place for graphic makers to share their creations and a place for others to browse and snag! Icons, wallpapers, headers, and fanvideos are allowed to be shared. If there is something different an artist would like to share then what's listed, please ask in the welcome post so we can be sure it fits with the community. Please read the rules before posting and if there are any questions, comments, or suggestions leave them in the Welcome Post. Thanks for stopping by! 001.Be respectful to fellow members and the mods. If any problems arise, don't hesitate to contact a mod so the problem can be resolved. 002. All posts should be tagged with what type of graphic is being shared along with an artist tag. Please leave a comment in the welcome post to request an artist tag. 003. Anything that may include spoilers for episodes that haven't aired must go behind an lj-cut and have a warning beforehand. 004. When fanvids are posted, please include a description(i.e. what character/couple is featured).005. No hotlinking is allowed at all. If graphics are snagged then they must be reuploaded to another host, such as, tinypic or photobucket. 006. Every artist deserves credit for their work, so, please give it! 007. And lastly, comments are love! If you like what you see, please gush! 008. Have fun, everyone!Any icon batch over five icons must be placed behind an lj-cut with three teaser icons placed before the cut. When posting headers or wallpapers, please place them all behind an lj-cut with a warning of how large the graphics are. If only one fanvideo is posted at a time, then no lj-cut is necessary. Anything over one must be hidden, however.
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